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Your Guest List – Ceremony Guests and Reception Guests

Let’s be honest. Not everyone that loves you will want to sit in a church and watch you exchange vows, and some of your church-going guests might not be interested in attending a reception with an open bar. I think it is completely acceptable to acknowledge this on your RSVP cards. Along with asking what meal…

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Is “enter wedding service here” worth the price?

Let’s be honest, planning a wedding is exhausting and expensive. There is no shame in trying to cut corners, but you need to consider what aspects of your wedding into which you should sink your money. Photography – Of course I bring this up first, because it’s what I do. I cannot speak for other photographers…

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Who should pay for what?

If you’re asking who specifically should be paying for specific things in your wedding happening in the modern era, I don’t know and I don’t care to know. Your finances are very much your business, and it is best to discuss a budget with everyone who has offered to contribute. However, do not let these…

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