Wedding Services

Wedding Planning

You have had the vision of your storybook wedding in your mind since the moment you said "Yes," but you probably never thought it was going to be so time consuming. Let our consultants take your vision and turn it into a reality. We can help with every aspect of your wedding day, from finding the perfect dress to coordinating the lighting, flowers, and other decor at the ideal venue for your event.

Wedding Day Assistant

Consider your wedding day assistant as your bridesmaid without the dress and need to pose for pictures. They will guide you through your wedding day to give you a peace of mind in knowing all the little details are in order. Services include but are not limited to: wedding day vendor coordination, wedding gown "wrangling", cell phone and purse holding, timeline monitoring, etc.

Vendor Referrals

Our founder and professional wedding photographer Adriane Dean has worked with some of the greatest wedding vendors in Chicago. Some are even willing to offer discounted services if they get to work with Adriane or her team in any capacity. Our consultants can put you in touch with the right vendor for your wedding needs by scheduling face-to-face appointments.

Mallory: Let's put Gabby at the garbage table with Cousin Ricky.
Robert: You know, I'm not so sure how crazy I am about that term, "garbage table."
Brianna: Trust me, Dad. You need a garbage table. You also need a drunk corner and a desperation annex.
Mallory: Which I still maintain should be one big table. The drunk and the desperate always find their way to each other anyway.

Grace and Frankie Season 1 Episode 13 "The Vows"

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