Adriane Dean



Founder & Lead Advocate

I am a professional wedding photographer. I started my career in 2004 and I have loved every single minute. Over time, I found myself being much more than a photographer to my couples. I would guide them through their wedding day, give cues for when to walk down the aisle, show them how to cut the cake, affix boutonnieres, and bustle wedding gowns.

I have made magical wedding moments happen for couples all over the Midwest. Unfortunately, I do not possess the power to be in two places at once, so my ability to help wedding couples was limited by my own availability. I'm beyond thankful for my wonderful team of Advocates, who are able to help spread my message of fun, beautiful weddings that can actually be affordable.

Weddings are now my life. My ultimate goal for my career path in the wedding industry is to someday own an all inclusive wedding organization, complete with venue. I even have a plan to actually obtain this goal. I intend to photograph weddings in all 50 states, so far I'm at 5. Then, I hope to write a book about the experience and then move on to photographing weddings in every English speaking country. Of course, I'll have to write a book about that, which will hopefully lead to royalty riches beyond my wildest dreams. In reality, I'll most likely take out a major loan to ultimately accomplish my end goals, but I will at least have those experiences with me as I pay my bills.


Pam: When you're a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are gonna be right about that.

The Office Season 5 Episode 14/15 "Stress Relief"

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