About the Wedding Advocates

Your Wedding - The Movie

Congratulations! You and your loved one are finally engaged, and are now off on the magical journey that is planning your wedding day. Little did you know, you've cast yourselves in one of the biggest productions life has to offer. You, your beloved, along with family and friends are now key actors, and it's time to start researching your roles.

Actors such as Katherine Heigl have shown you the many options in bridal and bridesmaid attire over the span of her acting career. You have seen Julia Roberts run away from multiple aisles and try to sabotage her best friend's wedding, and you think you have picked up enough wedding tips from watching Jennifer Lopez plan swanky New York weddings. In preparation for your own engagement, you may have even watched real engagement and wedding videos on YouTube.

The one thing we all tend to forget about movies, television, and even wedding videography online, is that they are heavily edited. They take away everything except a few minutes (or sometimes even seconds) of the preparation, the exchanging of vows, and the fun parts of the reception. This can lead to some disappointment for couples when they look back on their special day.

The Wedding Advocates work with couples to make every wedding day memory seem like a scene from a movie worthy of Academy recognition without a blockbuster budget.

Our Direct-or's Approach

By looking at a wedding from the perspective of movie producers, directors, and production assistants, we have streamlined the wedding planning process.

We work directly with only the best weddin vendors to come up with the most dynamic, vibrant, and visually stimulating atmosphere that syncs perfectly with the unique personalities of each soon-to-be-wed couple.

Giving each wedding a screenplay-like treatment, your Advocate will turn each important moment into a scene. Each detail (venue, decor, photography, etc.) is carefully researched for quality and affordability, we carefully script and choreograph everything from the ceremony to the final dance at the reception.

We take the production value of your wedding to a completely different level. We provide all the behind-the-scenes coordination so that our couples can relax and enjoy themselves.

We can also work our Advocate magic for your other wedding-related events, such as bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, post-wedding brunches.

How Our Paths Crossed

Adriane Dean began her wedding photography career in central Illinois in 2004. After the economy collapsed in 2009, Adriane made the decision to relocate to Chicago. Unable to afford to properly advertise her wedding photography services in such a large market, Adriane chose to seek work outside of the wedding industry while still photographing the occasional wedding here and there.

In 2013, she applied for a position as a customer service representative for a small mortgage brokerage. Almost immediately, she received a call from the nicest recruiter with whom she had ever had the pleasure of speaking. Tessana Nemenski made an impression on Adriane from the moment she said, "Hello, I'm Tess!" not only over the phone but at Adriane's interview. Fate was destined to bring them together, and Adriane was hired immediately.

Tessana made it a point to quickly introduce Adriane to her partner in crime, Ellen Sullivan. Together they had worked on various film projects as Tessana obtained her film degree from Columbia College years prior; Tess working as a producer, and Ellen providing amazing set designs and the occasional acting role. The three girls quickly bonded over their mutual love for movies, arts, and all things nerdy.

Over time, Adriane was able to grow her photography business back into a full time job, but found herself still suffering from "wedding withdrawal" symptoms during her slower seasons. Under the brilliant advice from one of her brides, Adriane applied for a seasonal position with a well known bridal retailer in 2017.

While she was offered the opportunity to start and begin training only a week after her interview, Adriane chose to wait another week to join an upcoming training class. Sara Hallstrom and Alexa Murphy were among that class, and the three formed a fast friendship. After observing the care and patience both Sara and Alexa showed every bride, bridesmaid, or mother, she knew she had finally found the right people to help her truly make wedding magic.

With Adriane's years of knowledge of all things wedding related, her bridal stylists and film producers are an amazing team. Collectively, they provide patience and professionalism along every step in the wedding planning process. They work tireless to provide the absolute best wedding day experience your money can buy, and can make your wedding day truly feel like something out of a movie.

The Quotes

Because we look at weddings from the perspective of directors, we decided to take a moment to appreciate screenplay and comedy writers (and a few literary icons) with some great quotes about weddings and love. These quotes were chosen by each of the Advocates from their favorite movies and television shows.

We hope you enjoy them.

Meet the Team

Adriane Dean

Founder & Lead Advocate

Sara Hallstrom


Alexa Murphy


Tessana Nemenski


Ellen Sullivan


Sophia: I never understood why people throw rice at weddings anyway.
Dorothy: Because tomatoes leave stains.

The Golden Girls Season 1 Episode 2 "Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding?"