Where to seat the divorced at your reception

When planning your own wedding, it’s hard not to be reminded that the marriages of others sometimes just don’t work out. Unless you’re really superstitious, there is no real reason to not invite your divorced friends and family members to your wedding. They are adults, they know why their marriage didn’t work, and should be capable to celebrating your happiness without holding any grudges or bringing up their ex at inappropriate moments. It’s much easier to seat divorced friends away from their exes, should the other half of that mismatch also be invited. But, when the mismatched former couple are the parents of either the bride or groom, things can get awkward very quickly.

This post was actually inspired by a couple next to whom I happened to be seated for brunch yesterday. Girl at Nookies in Edgewater, I didn’t want to interrupt your meal with my eavesdropping, but this is what you need to do for your divorced mother and father to enjoy your reception and give you the least amount of stress on your wedding day.

Your divorced parents came from separate families long before they met. Their lives are now separate, too, because of, you know, the divorce. They should get separate tables, and they should be in charge of the seating for their table. Once they’ve chosen who will be sitting at their tables, you use the guests that remain to make up the rest of the tables. If the Uncle Bill, brother to the bride’s mother, also happens to still be best friends with the bride’s father, Uncle Bill should be seated at a different table from either person during the meal, and allowed to roam freely during the party of it all. That way, the mother isn’t ticked that her brother is eating dinner with her ex-husband, and the father doesn’t feel left out because his best friend is seated with his ex-wife.

It’s literally that simple. Don’t stress over the possibilities of hurt feelings from adults that knew someday they would be forced to be together again for a day to celebrate the happiness of a life they created together. If your friends can’t stand to be in the same room as their ex to celebrate your special day, they might not have been the best of friends with you, anyway.

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