“SeinfeldVision” – 30 Rock – Season 2 Episode 1

CERIE: Will you guys be bridesmaids in my wedding?

LIZ: Oh! That is very sweet, but I think I might be past bridesmaid age.

CERIE: Oh, I’m sorry. Is it hard for you because you just broke up with that Floyd guy?

LIZ: No! What? No. That’s… You know, I would love… we would love to be your bridesmaids.

CERIE: Great. We need to go dress shopping tomorrow, then. So meet me at Les Fes at 10 A.M. YAY!

LIZ: Yay.

CERIE: Oh! Now I have my “something old!”


After her spur of the moment engagement, Cerie Xerox the production assistant (played by Katrina Bowden) asks Jenna (played by Jane Krakowski) and Liz to be her bridesmaids. Because the wedding will be happening as soon as possible (or two seasons later, after poor Aris gets over his Stockholm Syndrome from being kidnapped by Somali pirates while cruising on his father’s yacht), the three women rush off to a bridal shop in downtown New York to look for a wedding gown for Cerie.

After browsing through the gallery of gowns, Cerie finds a dress she loves, but cannot try it on because the sample is not in her size (“Usually, designers just make clothes for me. But when I do buy stuff, I’m a child’s medium.” – “Winter Madness” – 30 Rock – Season 4 Episode 11). Jenna volunteers Liz to be the living mannequin.

The gown was an ivory satin gown with a high back that wrapped into capped sleeves accentuating a sweetheart neckline. The back, sleeves, and bodice were adorned with silver embroidery and beading. The long pleated skirt featured a Cathedral length train with beading similar to the bodice.

The dress was on sale at 40% off. Cerie couldn’t buy it because Aris wouldn’t allow her to wear a discounted gown. Liz comes back to the boutique to drop off some “inspiration pictures” for Cerie, and decides to purchase the dress. Liz paid $4000 for what would later become a ham napkin, dust cover for her treadmill, and something with which to balance her poorly built Ikea desk.


It’s difficult to understand exactly what Cerie says when she names the boutique at which she wants to look for dresses. According to the closed captions of the episode on Netflix, they think she said, “Les Fesses.” I think she said, “Les Fez.” A quick Google search for “Les Fez Bridal Shop New York” comes up with L’Fay Bridal, which is a very high-end boutique with locations in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

The episode aired in 2007, so it isn’t easy finding a similar dress without doing a lot of research. I did stumble upon an updated version of the $4000 Ham Napkin, a Casablanca Bridal ball gown with off-shoulder sleeves.