“Phyllis’s Wedding” – The Office (U.S.) – Season 3 Episode 15

PAM – Phyllis ended up using the exact same invitations as Roy and me. So it was kind of like being invited to my own wedding. And I was like, wait… I thought I called that off.


The couple was married in a church ceremony in the presence of a large wedding party and a fully packed sanctuary. The vestibule, aisle, and altar were decorated with flowers, with accents featuring the couple’s initials P & R, for Phyllis and Robert (Pam – Also, Pam and Roy). The attendants flowers were a mix of greenery and pink, yellow, and white flowers, the type of which is difficult to determine. The flowers in the vestibule consisted of a wreath made of pink roses. The floral arrangements scattered throughout the church featured white and pink roses with light blue ribbons attaching flowers to the pews.

Phyllis were a white strapless A-line gown featuring ivory satin trim along the top of the bust and the bottom of the skirt (Pam whispers – That’s my dress!), with her shoulders covered by a lace jacket. Her veil was simple, and attached to the back of a flowery headpiece. The bridesmaids wore light blue satin gowns with matching shawls. The gentleman affiliated with the wedding wore black tuxedos with vests and ties that matched to dresses worn by the bridesmaids. The groom wore a white rose as a boutonniere while his attendants wore sprigs of Baby’s Breath on their lapels.

The bride was escorted down the aisle by her father, who was to be pushed in his wheelchair by the Manager of the Bride, Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell. Her father was able to summon the strength to continue the journey down the aisle with his daughter on foot nearly halfway down the aisle, leaving Michael to escort an empty wheelchair. Aside from a few additional interruptions by Michael, the couple exchanged vows and a kiss before rushing off to their reception.

The couple chose a large reception hall, featuring a stage for the live entertainment that would perform later in the evening. Large floral arrangements similar to those at the ceremony were placed along the walls of the venue, with smaller versions used as centerpieces. Although the hall had red drapes featured throughout the room, they did not clash with the colors of the decorations. The dinner was served buffet-style, and the 3-tiered cake featured a bride and groom and a refrigerator, to signify Bob Vance and Vance Refrigeration. The live band cranked out the hits of the Police after a few toasts – some brief, some not.

The evening ended with Michael finding the senile uncle of the bride that Dwight had mistaken for a wedding crasher, and the couple leaving for their honeymoon in a decorated Vance Refrigeration work truck.


This is the first review of an episode that actually showed both the ceremony and the reception, so the price tag on this wedding will be much higher than my previous reviews.

According to this fantastic website, IAmNotAStalker.com, that I’ve found while doing my research, the ceremony was shot at the First Christian Church of North Hollywood. It’s difficult to find a church in Chicago that is an exact or even slightly close match, but my research led me to the Unity Lutheran Church of Chicago, which is located in the Andersonville/Edgewater neighborhoods. The sanctuary is large, and the exterior has some similar features, but I’m really plugging this church because they are an open congregation. Anyone, and they do mean anyone, can be married at this church, provided you follow their very simple rules. A member of the church can be married there for as little as $275, while a non-member will pay $975 for the use of the pastor and an offering the the church.

The gown that Phyllis wore was very popular for 2007. I believe I photographed that dress in three or four different color options that year. Because styles do evolve over time, I’m not able to find an exact copy from a reliable designer. House of Brides does have a similar dress retailing at $520 by Alfred Angelo. The same designer makes a bridesmaid dress similar to those worn in the episode, a strapless A-line chiffon dress for $159 when purchased from Brideside. The gentleman of the event wore tuxedos with vests and ties similar to this ensemble from Men’s Wearhouse, which can be rented for roughly $190 before any discounts.

The amount of floral arrangements for this particular event are probably one of the more costly aspects of the wedding. While some of the flowers at the ceremony seem to have been repurposed at the reception, the flower budget for the ceremony and reception would probably come to about $3,000. Keep in mind that this includes bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, pew decor, altar pieces, and table arrangements. Real flowers cost real money, and a lot of it. Fake flowers cost real money, too, but less.

Pricing a reception hall near the Unity Lutheran Church of Chicago is difficult because, while there are some great venues in the area, none of their websites offer even the slightest hint at their pricing. One of my favorite wedding venues in the city is Michelle’s Ballroom. It’s a traditionally decorated reception hall with a lot of history at the corner of Belmont and Elston in Chicago. The staff is amazing, and the rates are beyond reasonable, starting at $2,500 for a Saturday event.

From some general research, I found a catering company, Jewell Events and Catering, that works with various venues in the area that offers a variety of buffet options. Their packages are priced per guest starting at $120 per person, with discounts available for utilizing venues with which they have partnered, like Mayne Stage in Rogers Park.

Given that Kevin’s band, Scratonicity, was playing their third wedding in the history of their career, I can’t imagine they paid very much for his services.If you’re looking for interesting live entertainment, I thoroughly recommend The Breakfast Club Band. They don’t advertise their rates, but I’ve seen them perform live, and they are an amazing group.

Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration spared no expense for his wedding to Phyllis. The total in real dollars comes between $21,000 without the live entertainment, and $25,000 with some solid, professional live entertainment and some extra dollars to cover anything else I might have forgotten.