“One Flew Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest Part 2” – The Golden Girls – Season 7 Episode 26

Given that I am a woman in my early thirties, I probably shouldn’t be this obsessed with the hit television show The Golden Girls. I can legitimately relate to each one of the women on the show. I can go on long, drawn out stories about weddings and my life in central Illinois, much like Rose (“One time, in central Illinois…’) and Sofia (“Picture it, Chicago. 2016.”). I’m not as promiscuous as Blanche, but I do have her big heart with a capacity to love anyone and anything. If The Wedding Advocates were the Golden Girls, I would definitely be Dorothy. I’m a strong-willed woman with a passion to continuously better herself and make life easier for those around her.

Those that aren’t familiar with the show might not be aware that throughout the course of 180 episodes, the Girls date roughly that many men. The final episodes of the series revolve around a practical joke that ends in a wedding between Dorothy, played by Bea Arthur, and Blanche’s Uncle Lucas, played by Leslie Nielson. After being set up on a blind date by Blanche, the two decide to pretend they have fallen madly in love and get engaged to get back at her for leading them on. In a typical Golden Girls turn of events, Dorothy and Lucas actually do fall in love and decide to go through with the wedding.


The bride arrived at the church by a limousine driven by her ex-husband Stanley. Her mother, wearing a light pink dress with matching hat, escorted Dorothy down the aisle of the church decorated with cascading flower arrangements attached to the pews. Dorothy’s wedding gown was interesting, in that is was probably the fashion for mature brides in 1992, when the episode aired. With an A-line cut, the white lace gown had an illusion neckline of lace surrounded in what I can only guess is loops of ribbon forming a V at the neck and back. The long train of the gown flowed from the back of the gown, and was absolutely stunning as the bride walked down the aisle. The bridesmaids, Blanche and Rose, were color coordinated but not completely matching two piece dresses in teal with champagne lace over the shoulders. The ceremony was beautiful and full of laughs, and ended with the groom lifting the bride’s double-tiered veil to seal the commitment with a kiss.


Taking into consideration that this wedding occurred in Miami, Florida in 1992, it’s a bit difficult to get an idea of the exact cost of this wedding in comparison to today’s Chicago wedding rates. I always tend to err on the high side of pricing when it comes to estimations.

While the show never shows any of the Girls going to church on a regular basis, it was well established that Sofia was Catholic. From the looks of the church used in the scene, it was most likely a Catholic church. Using St. Michael’s in Old Town as an example, this church is available for weddings at prices ranging from $550 to $2100.

In today’s wedding-related attire pricing, Dorothy’s gown, the bridesmaids dresses for Blanche and Rose, and Sofia’s dress probably totaled an upwards of $1500 or more. Tux rental for the groom and his two attendants probably came to about $750.

By my count, there were 14 floral arrangements on the pews, Dorothy’s bouquet was made of 5 to 7 lilies, and both Blanche and Rose held smaller bouquets of orchids and roses. Sofia, Lucas, and the two unnamed groomsmen also had boutonnieres. The alter was also surrounded by large flower arrangements. I would assume the flower budget for this wedding was thousands of dollars, but to put an exact number on it, I’m going to go with $2500.

Stanley actually gifted the limousine to Dorothy, but according to Stretch Limousine, Inc. a ride to the ceremony in a stretch limo can start at $285 for a Saturday wedding.

The estimated total for this Catholic Church wedding ceremony lies somewhere in the ballpark of $7,135. I’m not entirely sure where the money came from to pay for this wedding. Dorothy was a substitute teacher, but Lucas apparently owned seven hardware stores, so maybe he splurged on this flowery affair.

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