“Niagara Part 2” – The Office (U.S.) – Season 6 Episode 5

The wedding of Jim and Pam was one of the most anticipated moments in television history. Having spent six seasons as soulmates on separate paths, the world’s most perfect couple finally tied the knot at a chapel in Niagara Falls. Normally I try to review weddings that could happen in and around Chicago, but I felt like this particular review deserved to get a destination wedding assessment.


Pam and Jim actually had two wedding ceremonies. It should be noted that these ceremonies were shot in two completely different locations. The chapel scenes were actually filmed in California, while Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski traveled to Niagara Falls with a small film crew to film the boat scenes. These scenes were edited together, making it difficult to tell which ceremony actually happened first. Before the formal ceremony, Jim uses a pair of scissors to cut his tie in half to make Pam feel better about her torn veil. I went back to analyze the boat ceremony, and it’s nearly impossible to tell if the tie was cut or not. It looks like it was still intact when they were getting on the boat, but in a split second shot during the vow exchange, it looks like it might be cut. Because Pam’s hair was soaked and a completely different style than the perfect and dry style she wore at the chapel, the boat ceremony might have happened at a completely different time. Dwight does make a comment to Toby that he wants to make a formal complaint against Jim for making the guests wait over an hour, so maybe they were on the boat at that time. Whoever was in charge of Pam’s hair and makeup must have lost their mind when she came back a big, wet mess.

The formal ceremony at the chapel featured the (new at the time) trend of wedding parties dancing down the aisle to the alter. The bride wore an empire waist gown, with a sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps suitable for a pregnant woman. That doesn’t mean you should limit your choices in gowns just because you’re pregnant, it was just Pam’s style choice. The wedding party wore formal attire, with the bridesmaids in matching light pink, tea-length dresses and the groomsmen in black tuxedos. The chapel was sparsely decorated with a few flower arrangements featuring greenery and white roses tied with tulle attached to the pews and matching arrangements at the altar. The bride’s bouquet, as well as the groom’s boutonniere were made of white roses, while the bridesmaid’s bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonnieres were comprised of peach colored roses.

The boat ceremony was simple and perfect for Jim and Pam. All they did was grab some ponchos, hop on the Maid of the Mist, and exchange vows and a kiss under the invigorating waters of Niagara Falls.


For those of you looking for a wedding away from the city, Niagara Falls on either side of the border offers fantastic locations at relatively reasonable rates. While doing my research for this review, I tried to find a location in Niagara Falls that looks similar to the location used in the episode. The closest thing I could find without overwhelming myself was the Queenston Chapel, which is available for 2 hour blocks starting at $750. The flowers used in the chapel were very simple, but elegant. With the small number of arrangements on the pews and altar, along with the size of the bouquets, I can’t imagine that the flower budget was more than $1000.

Pam’s dress could have cost much more than the gown a simple Google search turned up, but this empire sweetheart wedding gown from JJ’s House for $289 is the closest thing I can find, given that the episode aired in 2009 and styles are always changing. The bridesmaid dresses are equally difficult to track down, but I did find this convertible bridesmaid dress by Wtoo from Brideside. For $202 before alterations, it could be shortened to tea length and the halter can be fashioned from the panels attached the skirt. Jim actually purchase his tuxedo and wore it again in a later episode, which was a great idea considering that, had he rented, he wasn’t going to get his deposit back after cutting his tie. Men’s Wearhouse not only rents tuxedos, but they sell them, as well. Prices start at $250 before any discounts, and because Jim and Pam weren’t really interested in having a big wedding, I’m going to assume Jim didn’t spend much more than that for his tux. If you were trying to recreate the Jim and Pam Niagara Falls wedding, it seems as though the formal ceremony would cost around $2,300.

It looks like the Maid of the Mist is no longer offering wedding services, but Niagara Cruises offers a wide variety of packages starting at $450 for the Elopement Package, and other packages with pricing starting at $74 per guest. However, if you just want to make out under Niagara Falls on the Maid of the Mist, tickets are available for tours starting at $18.25 per person.